Hello readers, this is an open thread, it is reasonable to comment on the evidence that I have reported so far and make up your mind. I've said elsewhere and within these reports, Ortis and the Crown agree on much documented evidence. On the other hand, Ortis has claimed to have been running an operation that the Crown, any Ortis colleague I have talked to, and Tutanota, the company he claims was part of his intel op, all say is completely false. My reporting is guided by outlining that Canada faces very serious and unaddressed criminal and foreign threats, which is what this case indicates in agreed upon evidence, whether one believes Ortis story or not. A reader flagged a comment that pointed to issues completely outside of this case, and I have removed the comment. I will now close the thread to paid subs only, enough time has passed to allow all readers to check in and comment. Sam

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Oddly, I tend to believe this guy. Am I seriously wrong?

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Canada is back, baby! With Trudumpf as PM, (Jew-Free)dland at GA, Not-So-Jolie in Fatigues, and lovely fellows like this making friends and influencing people at the 5 Eyes, aren’t we all so glad Harper is gone?

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This version of the article seems different than the one I received in my email this morning around the same time. Did I miss something Sam? Am I missing a step? Thanks

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One man against the "Crown."

One man against the State

One man against the Government.

Interesting how telling the Truth can get one shoved into a cell somewhere these days.

At the very least, some seriously calculated attempts to do so.

There's a well known situation exactly the same going on in the USA.

His EO's however, have made it possible for Military Intelligence of the Highest Order to gather ALL the evidence, and then some, from those such agencies (and MANY others, both Foreign and Domestic).

Mind you, they have been doing that all along anyways.

Legally and Lawfully.

Under Military Law, which came before The Constitution even.

There IS a reason "We Have It All" is SO very important.

When can evidence be introduced?

What must happen first?

How does Military Justice differ from corrupt court justice?

Are Supreme Courts, any where, impartial?

Are Supreme Courts anywhere, impartial, or can Partisanship play power and politics within them?

What and Who is the Military loyal to?

When can evidence be brought out into the open?

What must happen first?

2024 is going to be a VERY interesting year!

Can ya smell that?

Is that Fear and Panic in the air?

Why yes, I do believe so.

*Tips hat

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